Types Of Bathroom Tiles

When choosing what type of tile you should use in your bathroom you need to have all of the facts and know about the different choices that are available to you. There are quite a few various types of bathroom tile that you can use – but only one will have the texture, features, and colors that you will love.


Porcelain is very similar to that of the ceramic tile and has a great look to it. However, it is not designed with a glaze coating. This means that if something should ever cause it to chip you will not really notice it.


Marble is one of the more elegant types of bathroom tile designs that you can choose from and it is one of the most expensive. The best thing about this is that any scratches or chips can easily be buffed out and it will look like new again. The problem is that these floors are very slippery and they do scratch very easily. It is best to use these tiles on the countertops or shower walls.


If you love to have a rustic looking bathroom then slate is something that you will love. This is a type of stone that is cut from a rock. There are no two pieces that look the same, making it one of the more unique choices. There will be chips and bumps throughout it and it will require a special sealant – which needs to be reapplied every few years.


Limestone is also cut from a rock and it is pitted and at times is confused with natural slate. This must also be sealed to keep it from staining and it must be treated in order to bring out the natural tones.

Glass Mosaic

Glass mosaic is a much newer form of bathroom tiles that people will often use on their walls instead of the floors. It works great when the sunlight is streaming off of it and make for a perfect centerpiece when surrounded by stone.